Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I transfer a firearm to your store?

A. First, it is your responsibility to make sure the firearms is legal to own in our state. Second, have the FFL contact us and we will send them the required information. We will not give our FFL to an individual.

Click here to download the FFL Transfer Form.

Q. How much is your firearm transfer fee?

A. $50 for non-members, $25 for members. There is an additional $35 fee if the firearm does not come from an FFL with the proper paperwork. All firearms must ship from and authorized FFL. There is also a 24 hour processing period from when the package is received to when your firearm can be picked up.

Q. What is your fee for consignments?

A. We are currently not taking any consignments at this time.

Q. What is your policy for Layaway?

A. We do not offer layaway at this time.

Q.What is the process for getting my pistol permit?

A. The first step is to sign up for the NRA pistol safety course. We offer it in house multiple times a month, stop down or sign up online. After that you will need to go to your local police department and ask for a Pistol Permit Application. Feel free to bring the application in with you so we can assist you with properly completing the required forms.

Q. Can I shoot on in the range without a permit?

A. You must have a permit or be accompanied by someone with a permit to shoot on the range. The only exception is if you take the permit course with us you are permitted to shoot with your certificate.